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A Love Story

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It all started a short time ago with 3 guys, a pandemic, and a group of amazing investors. Hart Family Coffee was inspired by a desire to create an environment where the "norm" wasn't good enough. 


This story is all about the love of PEOPLE. Friends, family, our team, and the communities we serve are at the center of everything we do. This is why you'll never hear us talk about employees. In our world we are all teammates, and this team puts each other first. 

Teams work together towards a common goal. Our goal is to have fun while being the best at what we do. Yes it is a job. Yes you earn a paycheck. Yes you have to work. We all have to....BUT why can't it be fun? We want our team to love coming to work and love caring for the members of our communities that decide to stop by and see us. 

We serve coffee, specialty drinks, and food. So what? So do a lot of other businesses. We think it's so much more, which is why our motto is...

We seek to create HAPPINESS in every cup!
That happiness is not just for our raving fans (customers) but for our team too! The greatest honor in life is serving others and damn it, we have a lot of fun doing it.

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